Student Responsibilities

Download and read the Student Responsibilities Lesson Notes.

Complete the questions in the Learning Activity below

Click this link to open the Student Responsibilities Learning Activity

Be Real Game

Role Interviews

You now have your character role for the Be Real Game. You can access the role histories below.
Once you have completed the details and studied your character's history, have a look a the Role History Interview Assignment. Be prepared to answer all of those questions in the role of your character. It may be necessary to invent some information that is not in the Role History.

Then working with your assigned partner, use the Role History Interview Assignment.sheet to interview your partner's character. Your partner will also ask you questions and you will answer "in character". Type your partner's answers into the sheet.

Save your Interview Sheet until you are given instructions on how to hand it in for evaluation.

Be Real Game - Role Histories

Here are the descriptions of the character roles in PDF files (ten roles per file)

Be Real Game - The Resume

Instructions on creating a Resume for your character