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Computer Engineering


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Understanding the Motherboard

Here is the Powerpoint presentation on Understanding the Motherboard

General PC Architecture

The Microprocessor

How Technology Works

Encyclopedias and Computing Dictionaries

These next few sites are a great source of information about the technical and trivial aspects of computer science.  Check them out!
Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing: This site is based in the UK.  It has an enormous database of terms but may be too slow for your liking.  For faster access, try this mirror site in the US: FOLDOC

TechEncyclopedia: More technical details can be found at this site.

PCwebopedia: The PCWebopedia is a useful encyclopedia of computer technology as well as giving you links to web sites related to your topic.

Whatis: The "whatis" site offers good descriptions of a wide variety of computer terms.

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