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Graphics Applications

Applications that work with images in one way or another constitute a large segment of the application software family. Here is a short list of some main areas in which applications process graphical data.


Graphics Applications Drawing Programs
Drawing or "paint" programs allow you to make rough freehand drawings. The files are saved as bit maps. Bit mapped images are easy to edit but difficult to scale. MS Paintbrush that comes with Windows is a common example.
Illustration and Design Programs
This type of software often has more advanced features than the simple Drawing programs. Images created with programs like Corel Draw are saved as vector graphics.
Charting/Graphing Software
Programs that create line graphs, pie charts and bar graphs from data provided by the user. Many other applications have this ability built in such as Lotus 1-2-3 or MS class="
CAD (Computer Aided Design)
CAD software helps architects and engineers to design everything from cars to airplanes to bridges and pens. CAD programs allow an engineer to view a design from any angle, close-up and from a distance. Specialized versions also have features that can simulate the design in a variety of circumstances such as stress analysis on a bridge design.
Animation Software
An artist can create a series of images that can be chained together into simulated movement. Advanced animation programs can produce animated "cartoons" such as Toy Story or Bugs Life.
Desktop Publishing
DTP software is a lot like a word processor, except that it has added features that five you greater control over the placement of text and images on the page. Many full-featured wordprocessors have DTP capablities. PageMaker is a leading DTP program.
Presentation Graphics
Also called Business Graphics Software; Presentation Graphics programs help you to make carefully designed images that can be presented in a slide show. WordPerfect Presentations and MS Powerpoint are two such programs.

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